Awakening Joy

About the Course - Community

The Awakening Joy community includes thousands of people worldwide who are making well-being and joy a priority in their lives. There are many ways to connect.

Practice Partners

Practice Partners Are Encouraged

  • Take the course with a friend or find a partner through our online Message Board/Forum. For those taking the course onsite, a partner can be found at the first class.  
  • Practice Partners keep the themes and practices in awareness
  • Internet participants do the exercises from the onsite recording sessions with their Practice Partners
  • Check-in may be as simple as 5 - 10 minutes by phone or email

Helpful Document: "Finding and Working with a Practice Partner"

  • Guidelines are given for finding and working with a partner
  • Document is located in the "Getting Started" portion of the For Members section of the website

Local Support Groups

Group Support Deepens the Experience

  • Good group chemistry guarantees you’ll awaken some joy!
  • Announce and find groups through our Message Board

Helpful Support Group Manual

  • Created by James and Jane Baraz and other experienced group leaders
  • Contains sample lesson plans and materials
  • Manual located in the "Course Materials" portion of the For Members section of the website

Discount for Individual Group Members

  • All local group members should be registered individually for the course
  • Discount available to all members when leader registers the group online

Live Video Conference Calls with James

Real-time Zoom video conference calls take place on the dates listed below.

Recordings are later uploaded to the website for all participants who can't join the live calls.

2018 DATES - 5:30 PM Pacific Time
Live Video Calls with James

February 20
April 17
March 6
May 1
March 20
May 15
April 3
May 29


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